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Solar Power Generation

Posted on 07/06/2011 (Comments Closed)
in Earth Energy

Installing Solar Power Generation Systems

Install Solar Energy Generation SystemWho wants to get rid of their expensive electric bills? You can put in a solar power generation system to ease the burden of the monthly bill. You might be surprised that this method is a great way to save on your energy bill and earn your money back over a short period of time. Keep reading for more information and why anybody should take advantage of it.

Benefiting from basics

Assembling and installing your own solar power system is not that complicated. You don’t need to have any special skills. If you
can follow an easy instruction manual that will show you how you can make your own solar panels.

It really helps to have a complete and proven guide. You can do your own search about solar panels and how they work and see what consumers have said about installing their solar power system. You can search for information, images and videos but it helps to have it all in one place. Here are some guidlines, a few tips and the benefits of a home solar power system.

Benefits of solar power

  • Environmental friendly
  • Power interruptions are a thing of the past
  • Suprisingly affordable for the first time
  • Potential for huge monthly saving
  • Can be portable (think camping for instance)

Most Important Tip

Never perform the hook-up to the breaker-panel on your own unless you are a licensed electrician. It’s illegal and incredibly dangerous, call a professional electrician when you get to this stage.


Every year you have the potential to save thousands with your own solar power generation system. In some cases, you can make some extra money by selling power back to the utility companies.

We’re able to take advantage of this amazing invention, due to the fact it provides a lot of important opportunities. Since we know it’s for real, our best tip is always to check it out to satisfy your concerns. You will probably learn about the many other advantages of earth energy and other home improvements.

Click Here to check out this solar power generator guide

How You Can Install Kitchen Tile In Your House

Posted on 07/04/2010 (Comments Closed)
in Kitchen
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Installing Kitchen Tile The chore of getting to set up kitchen tile in your house could be a daunting task. You realize you’ll be dealing with being on your knees more often than not. You are able to lessen your time and effort on the ground should you just understand how to get it done the […]

iPads Effect On Advertising

Posted on 01/28/2010 (Comments Closed)
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Oh dear. Jobs stuck the knife in and gave it a good twist when demonstrating the NY times website on the iPad yesterday. Notice the broken plugin links? The iPad doesn’t support flash, and undoubtedly won’t support flash in the future. Unless forced to, which is at ‘best’ a few years away. I wouldn’t bet […]

Wind Power Energy

Posted on 10/22/2009 (Comments Closed)
in Earth Energy
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Discover Wind Power Energy Designs Utilizing a simple wind power design, you’ll be able to create an ample amount of capacity to run all of your household equipment. By using your wind power, you will find that it can save you a lot of money along with the environment on the way. For a glance […]

Create A Home Wind Turbine And Save

Posted on 09/09/2009 (Comments Closed)
in Earth Energy
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Build A Home Wind Turbine To Save Energy Costs Create a Home Wind turbine with regards to lowering the monthly power bill, utilizing a wind energy system arrives top among the most effective renewable power option. But when you’re still brooding within the expensive involved with installing this type of system in your own home, take heart. […]

Disinformation Architecture

Posted on 11/25/2007 (Comments Closed)
in Architecture Design

It’s not often I see such a good example of information architecture being used to obscure information that a business only reluctantly provides. In this case it’s the nutritional information for sandwiches from the fast-food restaurant Quiznos. Here is the main navigation. Note the lack of a direct link to nutritional information (arguably one of […]


Posted on 10/20/2007 (Comments Closed)
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It’s like some unholy demon emerging from hell Home Page

Ethical Design IA Summit Barcelona

Posted on 10/06/2007 (Comments Closed)
in Architecture Design

I presented a panel at Euro IA / Barcelona a couple of weeks ago, with Joe Lamantia and Thomas Frölich. The subject was ‘Perspectives on Ethics’ in information architecture. My part of the panel presentation is above, you can also download a pdf here. Joe presented some intriguing ideas on designing for conflict, and Thomas […]

The revolution will be sychronized

Posted on 08/07/2007 (Comments Closed)
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I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the iPhone is going to radically alter the mobile phone industry, and complained about how many people have claimed this, yet how few have explained ‘how’. Time to take my own medicine. So, to start at the beginning: The iPhone’s UI is novel in that almost every […]

Japanese strangeness

Posted on 07/12/2007 (Comments Closed)
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One of the lesser-known Japanese idiosyncrasies is their widespread fascination with little anime / hentai plastic dolls. When I was in Tokyo (a couple of years ago now), I witnessed this in action. Middle aged men going into a specialist store and drooling over these 10cm dolls with a strange look in their eyes (in […]

Information Architecture Ethical Design

Posted on 04/11/2007 (Comments Closed)
in Architecture Design

A video of my IA summit 2007 presentation: My presentation at the 2007 IA Summit, in Las Vegas, covering professional ethics, ethics of user experience and cultural ethics. Subjects include privacy and trust, evolutionary psychology, virtual status and ubiquitous altruism, applied to social networking and the mobile internet. References: Banksy, the Dalai Lama, Stefano Marzano, […]